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Sign Of The Times


May 2020:


Normally spring is when our staff gets together and decide how we are going to take our annual art show to the next level?

But COVID-19 here in Baltimore has us thinking about guidelines for survival like social distancing, staying inside, and self quarantine. As many of us here sit in isolation some growing questions emerge from our staff. "What can change by the time our annual fall art show takes place? And how could we get ready for it? If no cure how can we keep people safe if the show must go on. As they say?"  

For the artist, it's a time to create and express what all this means to their world in a way only they can express. That content could be their breakout!

These times, not since the 60's have we seen or heard so much about government corruption, global warming, big business greed and death. And we are only in the first 5 months of 2020. 

As we wait for the numbers to level off and decline, we wait as well. Patience and discipline are key components to creating masterpieces. So get yours ready, the next show will be over the top!

Stay safe!

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Lets get your art out of your house and into view so more people can look and purchase  your art work! 


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The Stage

AITC-Mag 8.5x11 2018_Web.jpg
The Stage
Inspiration & Planning 
Content Creation

Carl Caruso - Photographer

Cheryl Roeske - Harpist
Charles Talkoff - Photographer 
Christopher Daniel – Painter
Demont Pinder - Painter 
Ed Gross – Sculpture
Felicia Baker – interior Designer

George Murrill - Painter
Herbert Mann - Photographer 

Jane Dhoe - Fantasy Makeup Artist

Jeff Martin - Photographer
Jessica Rose – Illustrator
Kas Collections - Wardrobe Designer 
Kim McClellan – Photographer
Lamar Hill - Poet

Laurese K. - Body Painter / Photographer
Lisa Calicchia – Author
Matt Saindon - Photographer
Mark Salo - Photographer


Showcased Artist

Marsha Marie - Wardrobe designer 
Michael Jones – Visual Artist

Michael Owen - Painter
Naimah - Dancer
Nichelle Fullen - Photographer
Phillip Martin – Jazz musician
Roger James - Painter 
S-quire jazz - Jazz Band 
Shannin Watkins – Singer Shining Rae
Sherita Sargusingh - Painter

Starr B - Singer
Tom Schaper - Photographer 
Zach Zwagil – Visual artist
Just to list a few…



Art In The City (AITC) Baltimore is a media platform where emerging and established local artists in Baltimore, and the DMV area can have their work seen through our publications networks, annual art exhibits, and events held in our galleries.


Our mission is to bring artist and art lovers together who appreciate created beauty and all it's emotional power.

Created on paper back in 1999 in Rochester, NY at R.I.T. and then finally came alive in 2007 at the Skyloft Galleries in Baltimore's Highlandtown by art curator, photographer, publisher Jeff Martin, of Martin Studio Photography. Who is a practitioner and lover of art.


AITC has brought the spot light to over 45 artists over the years.  And we hope to continue doing so with quality over quantity approach with art and our artist. Quality showcasing area artist has been our goal for our readers and art show visitors since our doors opened. Enjoy! 

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