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We are always looking for the exceptional work that inspires and show technical skill in their craft in our newly designed magazine. Come set the stage! Our focus is to inspire and educate or readers, so we look for writers that can stand on their on and hold the readers attention and have them ask for more! 

If you would like to show us your creative piece, or series of works for consideration to be viewed by our readers in our quarterly magazine for more exposure...this is one resource. Awesome for new writers.   

Compensation for your written work can range from $50 to $125 per 1 to 2 page submissions. Text is great, text with images is better. A great option for freelance writers looking to pitch a story to another audience.

Our quarterly issues are released during the months of:

  • May (spring issue)

  • July (summer issue)

  • October (fall issue)

  • December (winter issue)

Deadlines to submit are at the end of the month prior to issue month listed above.

Our magazine features a range of content from:

  • Art Exhibits

  • Art, is the business

  • How to..

  • Latest work, by

  • New Artist

  • New Galleries

  • Opinion

  • In Review

  • The Power of Portraiture

  So show us what you have done, and or tell us what you would like to do for content in an upcoming issue.


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