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  • How long has AITC Magazine Baltimore been around?
    AITC was created in a dorm room at R.I.T. in Rochester, NY back in 1999. It came to light in 2006 in Highlandtown, Baltimore, MD at the Skyloft Galleries owned by Eric Fondersmith. The first art show took place a year later in the fall of 2007, curated by founder, and photographer, Jeff Martin.
  • Is there a special membership or something to join the annual show?
    No, this annual art show is open to the public. We have had artist from Texas to Maine and everywhere in between. We do have a panel of judges that look over the artist work to ensure the following criteria's are met. 1) Composition / Design 2) Command of Medium 3) Technique
  • How long does the annual fall show run?
    On average about three months. From October to the first week of January.
  • How much space does an artist have to show there work in your show?
    Normally wall space is a 16' x 16' vertical space. Floor space can vary from 6' x 6' depending on the artist work.
  • How much does it cost to join your show, if accepted?"
    Artist and Vendor costs are $75.00. Or $100 if the artist plans on showing art and selling art on a display table during the artist reception. There are two payments of $37.50, a deposit and then a final payment for a total of $75.
  • When would I find out if I have been accepted into your annual show?
    Withion 10 days of your art submission, but do not wait to the last minute! Space is limited.
  • What is the dress code for the Artist Reception for the fall art show?
    No atheletic wear, business casual at a minimum. Dress to impress.
  • How many people come to your annual art show?
    For the Artist Reception event over 150 in our 3700 sq ft gallery space. Through out the art show for the three months, well over a 1000.
  • Is there entertainment at the Artist Reception?
    Yes, artist guest and followers will be enterained by live jazz. All while enjoy our buffet and wine bar. And there is always a special guest performing.
  • What type of security is at the gallery?
    The gallery is video survelanced 24/7 and all doors are locked to manage street trafffic after business hours. Artist do travel in and out of the building and private events take place. Please read our disclaimer about "Security and Insurance Notification for all AITC Events" by clicking here!
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