Past AITC Events Through The Years 

Over the years we have met and introduced some very talented artist and performers during our Artist Reception that kicks off our Annual Art Show.


The guest, followers of the artist and art buyers make this event what it is today. We are always looking to bring in new talent to go along with some of the founding artist to give art buyers a new experience year after year. 

Watching some the artist develop their offerings through out the year has been a pleasure to cover. Seeing what they will show at this years show is always a true emotional gift for the viewer. If you would like to join this years show, click on Submissions to learn more. Get the needed items developed that you see you may be missing in our guidelines and join us!

We are always looking for up and coming, plus established talent that are interested in working with us to benefit their goals, growth, and or awareness:

  • Authors

  • Fashion Designers

  • Mixed Media Artist

  • Painters

  • Photographers

  • Sculptures

  • Poets​

And a big thank you to everyone who has made this event one of the best in Charm City. Especially our host Eric Fondersmith and his staff at A great place to hold your next event here in Baltimore City.

Each year we make this free event better and better. See for yourself in the gallery and YouTube videos below!

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